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Simply choose a style below, and we will wash and blow-dry into style

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Your style, your way

Any style shown below, styled perfectly for £20-£25

Straight Blow – Sleek And Smooth

 Power Blow – Big Hair, Lots Of Volume

Beach Blow – Wavy Beach Hair

Luxe Blow – Loose Curls

Up Blow – Messy Bun Or Plait

City Blow – Curly Ends

Body Blow – Straight With Body

But There’s More…

All Prices Of Hair Treatments

Don’t want a style?
Simply have a standard wash and blow-dry.

Want to design your own style?
Have a picture you want your hair like?  No problem.

Don’t want your hair washing?
Just some curls added or some body?   We’ve got you covered.

Treatment Stylist Senior Stylist
Standard Wash and Blow Dry £17 £19
Style, Wash & Blow Dry £21 £23
Design, Wash & Blow Dry £26 £28
Dry Style/Blow Dry £17 £19
Hair Up from £26 from £29